Tuesday, November 11, 2014



If you didn't already know from stalking my Instagram, you should know that I have been interning for the fabulous team at Room 22, who own and design for the brands August Street and Pink Stitch.

It's really been a terrific few weeks, learning all the ins and outs of production to designing to marketing. The other day I was invited to contribute in #mysummeris..., which was designed to get a few Bloggers in to style up a rack in the studio and to describe what summer is to them, and of course to take a little snap to take home with them.

Video was also captured by Samuel Connelly so take a look at my #mysummer is HERE.

What's your summer?

Love The Tourist 

Photography: Ida Skeie @imskeie
Video: Samuel Connelly @samuel_studio

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  1. This seems like so much fun ! Love the pictures !