Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Top Shop Crop Top

I am sooo happy for some reason right now. Seeing as it's sunny and glowing outside, and about 21 degrees, this could possibly be the reason why. I can't wait for summer honestly, and be by the beach and hanging out with friends... OUTDOORS WOOO! Just have a lot of fun I guess. I think the sun does make me extremely excited and happy. The winter for me is always an excuse to stay indoors.. but now i'm just itching to be outdoors with a whole lotta people, have a glass of champagne in one hand and just chat all day. However, hopefully by then I will finally have a job! 

One thing I can't wait for is to do a camping festival over NYE. Either for Falls or Beyond the Valley. I know it's a while away and I'm blabbering on... I am just in one of those moods! 

Anyways enjoy my outfit of the day.
The Tourist 
Jeans/Topshop - Top/Topshop - Shoes/Wittner 


  1. Love these jeans so much, hoping to get a pair myself! I'm coming over to Sydney later this year and I can't wait to experience a warm, sunny Christmas and New Years!

    Shona x

  2. love this outfit! go to falls omg, I'm going to be overseas which is equally exciting... but the falls lineup is insane!

  3. Hiiii, just found your blog through your instagram and I just wanted to say that I love your blog.
    Frida xx