Monday, August 18, 2014

South Of France

After a relaxing week in the sun I set back for another two weeks of summer bliss in my old home town La Cote d'Azur in the South of France. I spent my time with my closest family friends including Gabriella, where I was honestly just ready to sit by the pool and relax for two weeks straight. However plans were made and restaurant reservations were booked. 

In the first week of my stay, hiring out deck chairs in Juan le Pin is a must do, eating crepes and snails, then off to the local square in Valbonne for my favourite steak haché et frites and some dinner festivities. Drinking wine all night, crackers, salami, baguette and cheese has always been a favourite French past time of mine. Memories growing up in the South of France were high in conversation. 

The next week I shopped around in Nice, Gabriella had her 18th in a beautiful Villa, went to a terrible festival called Plage Electronique (Electric Beach) on the sandy beaches of Cannes. I swear there was too much elbow swinging in every direction, and not enough bobbing "in personal space". 

During my stay I was also treated to a day spa at the Moroccan Spa House, where they literally scrape all the dead skin off your body after you laver yourself up with natural oils. It was amazing for a more permanent tan in the sun later on... so Hallelujah!!!

Off to Rome next. See you soon!
The Tourist 

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  1. Love the pictures ! seems like so much fun !