Monday, August 18, 2014


Last and final. Rome. Honestly living so close to Italy all those years when I was in France, seems as though I should have already been to Rome. Rome is a beautiful place, quite romantic, with gorgeous streets and delicious food of course. Spaghetti Carbonara and Pizzas of all sorts spilled out of the kitchens onto the tables of eight bright english girls who I had been staying with. I was so delighted that my english friend Juju who I had met in Australia, had invited me to stay with her and a few of her friends and two others I knew (Clem and Ella), in the centre of Rome for 6 days. It really was a treat and only a 20 minute walk away from the Spanish Steps. A lot of partying went on more than sight seeing. To be truthfully honest I saw the Colosseum far away through a street and the Trevi was under reconstruction so it was extremely disappointing and I wasn't in a rush to see the colosseum which had seemed to be in a similar state. Being with girls who had already been to Rome and seen most of it didn't give me much hope of seeing too many sights. However the hangover we were all suffering from day after day didn't mind me, outdoor clubs were loads of fun. However like The Tourist I should be, I did see the Forums, the Spanish Steps, the Country Side, The Panatheon and the Castel Sant'Angelo. 

So anyways thank you Juju for the invitation.

The Tourist 

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