Wednesday, August 6, 2014


The next little adventure I went on was a three day trip with Clemmie to Berlin. I must say I had never been to another place that could ever be compared to Berlin. To be honest I tried to embrace it as much as I could but always felt at the back of my mind that it was quite a cold concrete jungle type city. I mean the history and culture here was like no other, so arty and unique to itself. You could defiantly tell it was a post war city, so I thought it felt quite eery at times. Perhaps I couldn't embrace it to the max because I was only there for 3 days. I wouldn't say I'd never go back, but if I do I'll spend more time there. 

I extremely appreciated the culture and freedom of the people who now live there, and how they've made the most out of what they have. The art culture is amazing with incredible deep meanings. The clubs and music were hopping and never one single seedy guy would ever come up to you. Everyone just vibed out to the deep house and techno which is exactly what you want and will find in almost any club in Berlin. The food is delicious (however I didn't tick of eating a schnitzel from my bucket list), and defiantly should have left the expensive London shopping till Berlin, seeing as I didn't know all the shops I bought stuff from in London were actually in Berlin.... nooooo!

More posts to come.
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