Tuesday, August 26, 2014


It's great to be back, although I have the post Europe blues, I initially thought driving was a sort of freedom at home, but you don't know freedom till you travel alone. It can be quite scary at times, having so much time to yourself and do whatever you like, but I'm back now. I gotta appreciate all I have here... first starting with Porch, where I had The Devils Breakfast. Man I love that place.

The Tourist 
Coat/Topshop - Pants/House of Sunny - Sneakers/Reeboks - Bag/Random italian bag from shop on Berlin - Long Sleeve Top/& Other Stories - Choker/Topshop

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Need that Turtle Neck

Coming back from the hot sunshine in Europe... it's time to layer up the warm cottons. However I'm missing a cashmere turtle neck jumper. Here is me posting about turtle necks wishing I had one!
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Bedroom Files

So for ages I've been trying to work out some sort of way to take photos in my outfits to show you guys. I wanted a nice plain white background with a white floor. However nowhere in my household has a white wall with a white or light coloured floor in which I can take photos in front of. That also counts for the exterior of my house. So I've just gone with the classic Iphone bedroom look. High Quality I know, but I think it works just as effectively. In the next few weeks I'm going to try really hard to work out a way I can clearly display my photos so watch out for more!
The Tourist 
Jumpsuit/Topshop - Necklace/Greece

Monday, August 18, 2014

Rianna Phillips

Thank you Rianna for the adorable Pouch and notebook. Been so useful since I've been back from Europe, able to fill all my new make-up in, and a perfect size to fit in my hand bag. Go check out Rianna Phillips delightful designs at riannaphillips.comhttp://www.riannaphillips.com/.
The Tourist 


Last and final. Rome. Honestly living so close to Italy all those years when I was in France, seems as though I should have already been to Rome. Rome is a beautiful place, quite romantic, with gorgeous streets and delicious food of course. Spaghetti Carbonara and Pizzas of all sorts spilled out of the kitchens onto the tables of eight bright english girls who I had been staying with. I was so delighted that my english friend Juju who I had met in Australia, had invited me to stay with her and a few of her friends and two others I knew (Clem and Ella), in the centre of Rome for 6 days. It really was a treat and only a 20 minute walk away from the Spanish Steps. A lot of partying went on more than sight seeing. To be truthfully honest I saw the Colosseum far away through a street and the Trevi was under reconstruction so it was extremely disappointing and I wasn't in a rush to see the colosseum which had seemed to be in a similar state. Being with girls who had already been to Rome and seen most of it didn't give me much hope of seeing too many sights. However the hangover we were all suffering from day after day didn't mind me, outdoor clubs were loads of fun. However like The Tourist I should be, I did see the Forums, the Spanish Steps, the Country Side, The Panatheon and the Castel Sant'Angelo. 

So anyways thank you Juju for the invitation.

The Tourist 

South Of France

After a relaxing week in the sun I set back for another two weeks of summer bliss in my old home town La Cote d'Azur in the South of France. I spent my time with my closest family friends including Gabriella, where I was honestly just ready to sit by the pool and relax for two weeks straight. However plans were made and restaurant reservations were booked. 

In the first week of my stay, hiring out deck chairs in Juan le Pin is a must do, eating crepes and snails, then off to the local square in Valbonne for my favourite steak haché et frites and some dinner festivities. Drinking wine all night, crackers, salami, baguette and cheese has always been a favourite French past time of mine. Memories growing up in the South of France were high in conversation. 

The next week I shopped around in Nice, Gabriella had her 18th in a beautiful Villa, went to a terrible festival called Plage Electronique (Electric Beach) on the sandy beaches of Cannes. I swear there was too much elbow swinging in every direction, and not enough bobbing "in personal space". 

During my stay I was also treated to a day spa at the Moroccan Spa House, where they literally scrape all the dead skin off your body after you laver yourself up with natural oils. It was amazing for a more permanent tan in the sun later on... so Hallelujah!!!

Off to Rome next. See you soon!
The Tourist 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I think there is too much to say about Greece seeing as I loved it so much. Having no expectations of what was to come of this way too short of a trip, made the experience more exciting, inspiring and was my favourite place so far. It's paradise. I must say since I was planning my Europe trip by myself, I had to plan my way around other people at times, and Greece was no place to experience alone, so a week was the only time I spent in the beautiful Islands of Mykonos, Ios and then Santorini, each with its own unique vibe. I wasn't actually supposed to spend a night in Mykonos, but because the ferries didn't co-ordinate with my flight I had to stay and ended up having such a fun night. Next up was Ios, which I thought was a bit tacky at first but once we wondered over to Circus Bar for a night out, two Aussie boys perched up on the wall in the tiniest little room, completely full and playing some classic songs in acoustic versions hooked me in. Was such a chilled and happy night! 

After two days in Ios, we caught a ferry over to Santorini where at first I was fouled by the village being so far away from the shore for which I thought was just a resort "stay in the hotel", sort of holiday. It wasn't until we went out for dinner on the first night and found the most incredible view I had ever witnessed, that I realised how special and romantic it was... thinking of a special someone at home who needs to come back with me. It really was the couple retreat or perfect family holiday.

And don't get me started on the Nutella crepes and Gyros' which was kind of like a greek wrap for two euros fifty. Delish!!! If you go you must try! Then an experience I'll never forget was Donkey Riding down the mountain from Fira. However, tip for whoever rides a donkey, walk to the bottom of the mountain and ride up... don't do what we did and ride down 15 minutes and walk 30 minutes up, although we got some nice toned legs..

The Tourist 

Final Photos from London Course

Here are my final photos I have taken from my London Fashion Photography Editorial course. Using a variety of my own clothes.

Model: Arielle Pants from Lenis Models
Photographer: Me
The Tourist 


The next little adventure I went on was a three day trip with Clemmie to Berlin. I must say I had never been to another place that could ever be compared to Berlin. To be honest I tried to embrace it as much as I could but always felt at the back of my mind that it was quite a cold concrete jungle type city. I mean the history and culture here was like no other, so arty and unique to itself. You could defiantly tell it was a post war city, so I thought it felt quite eery at times. Perhaps I couldn't embrace it to the max because I was only there for 3 days. I wouldn't say I'd never go back, but if I do I'll spend more time there. 

I extremely appreciated the culture and freedom of the people who now live there, and how they've made the most out of what they have. The art culture is amazing with incredible deep meanings. The clubs and music were hopping and never one single seedy guy would ever come up to you. Everyone just vibed out to the deep house and techno which is exactly what you want and will find in almost any club in Berlin. The food is delicious (however I didn't tick of eating a schnitzel from my bucket list), and defiantly should have left the expensive London shopping till Berlin, seeing as I didn't know all the shops I bought stuff from in London were actually in Berlin.... nooooo!

More posts to come.
The Tourist