Thursday, July 3, 2014


Two of my high school friends Lea, Shannon and I, all went to Amsterdam last weekend for some catch up since we hadn't been together for months. It was the perfect place for us to hang out and chill out. Over the course of four days there was a lot of fast food eating involved, including Stroopwafels and fries, a lot of sight seeing like the Anne Frank Museum, Yab Yum Gentlemen's Club, the Erotic museum and a Live Sex Show... I'm sure thats not the type of museums you would have had in mind. 

There was a photography exhibition on at the time, but sadly we didn't have enough time to see it. I have to say the Anne Frank museum was a really amazing and eery experience, knowing that I had learnt about it throughout my history lessons in high school. Other than that I would have to say Yab Yum, the closed down gentlemen's club opened from the 80's to early naughties, was my favourite museum to go to. Just because it was so unexpected and more stories started to churn out of it on our tour, since our guide was Yab Yum's last manager who worked there for more than 20 years before it closed down in 2008. After he tricked my friend Lea into believing that if the doctor was away and couldn't see the girls for their monthly check up, that he would step in, he started unravelling some stories to just us three as we stayed later than other guests, curious about more of its secrets. It was really such a different world in there, and I highly recommend it to anyone going to Amsterdam.

One of his more friendly stories involved three Chinese men who had requested for a knife from the bar. The bar man (who was gay, all the bar men where gay so that the men entering the club would not feel threatened when speaking to the girls), called him over and told him they asked for a knife and wasn't sure to give it to them or not. He said.. okay just give it to them and I'll keep an eye on it. A few minutes later he sees the three Chinese men cutting up a viagra pill. 

Anywhoooo, more stories to tell in the next part of my blog in the next post... so stay tuned.

The Tourist 


  1. as an American 19-year-old, I seriously wish that gap years were a thing here in America. Unfortunately they are not:( Enjoy yours, I'm jealous!!

  2. Just found your blog and I love it so much! Absolutely amazing.
    I really want to go to Amsterdam!

    X O