Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vivid - Last minute Cramming

... and my favourite...

Last night I dragged Harrison along with me to see Vivid. It was really impressive  this year, for the fact that I only saw the opera house last year ahah. Most of the interesting installations were near the MCA opposite the Opera house and I defiantly have to say the giant white bunnies were my favourite! 

Now for an update - only 3 days to go till I'm on the plane to Landan! As you can see I'm doing last minute cramming of things to see before I leave. Hopefully tomorrow after my friend Ling finishes uni, we will be off to the Biennale at Cockatoo Island so I'll defiantly be showing photos from there as well! Stay tuned...

Jumper/London camden markets - Coat/unknown - Jeans/Bardot

The Tourist 


  1. this looks so cool, I wish I lived in sydney, you guys always get the coolest stuff! have fun on your trip gal! I'm off to london in december, tell me where you go/what you recommend!



  2. Wow it looks super cool ! Nice pictures !