Thursday, May 29, 2014

Timeless Boots

I've been avoiding these bad boys all my life, thinking "everyone has them... I don't need them", until it came to bar drinking and parties where your over the whole heel shenanigan and just want to be flat footed. I decided I needed these. I've been meaning to get black boots with a small heel as well, but thought I'd just start off with a classic flat pair from Wittner, which I am just loving. Good for day time and night time adventures! I also have an idea that black boots will never go out of fashion.

Also if your after a pair of basic good quality shoes head to where you can buy two pairs and the second one you get $50 off... which I bribed my mum to do with me :) So ask your friends if you don't want to buy a second pair... but still a great deal!

The Tourist 

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  1. The shoes and pictures are looking amazing !
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