Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Art Of Block


Being a religious follower of Jacquemus' designs I have learnt the art of Block. Not just in color but in style and shape. He pries on the appearance of what Elle's May 2014 issue calls 'Sculptural Diversity'. Elles pre-fall 2014 report states that this includes colour blocking, splicing and graphic diagonal lines, all of which must consist of a strong silhouette. Now looking at the images above class, wouldn't you think they are spot on in reference with Jacquemus?

I think a lot of the styles that have been emerging recently, have been dressed  head to toe in basics. Now I love this idea because it keeps me feeling cool and casual and comfy (The CCCs), but to jazz that up in high fashion world and to derifientuate myself or even yourself from everyone else who is rocking all the C, C, C's, Jacquemus' designs are starting to have a toll on me.

I think i'm really influenced by his Instagram posts especially because of how he shoots in areas of France where I've noticed a few photos taken down in the south. I lived in the South of France for two years and can really relate to the kind of atmosphere he's depicting, including the Orangina sodas I used to drink non stop!

So next time when your going all "Back to Basics", buy or wear something bold, whether it be a stronger material, brighter colour or bold silhouette shape. But don't forget the white socks and sneakers with your Jacquemus impersonation.


P.S Also follow it's sooo great!

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