Monday, March 31, 2014

Secret Twin

Your probably wondering why I look so strange in these photos. Why my hair is back to natural, and why I have grown taller. Well, this isn't me. It's my little sister Amanda. Yep, she's taller than me. So today we tested out some photos which turned out to look amazing. Doesn't she look beautiful. People who see this and know Amanda might be shocked by this 'pretty' look, as she's often only seen wearing a bikini and wet suit, or nikes and backwards caps. By day she's as 'Tom Boy' as it gets, with her laid back and go with the flow attitude. If you see this skater chick riding waves down at Tama, go say hi! 
 The Tourist 
Top/Urban Oufitters - Pants/Stussy - Necklace/Ellamaximillion - Shoes/Windsor Smith - Bracelet/Cobra Snake

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Can't have em, Customise them

Everyone reading this post right now, go to and customise your own shoes if your broke or are saving for an experience of a life time and can't afford these yet! 
Such a fun idea and you can create nikes however you like, in whatever colour you like. Even put your name at the back of each heel. That way you'll never have fights with your roomies or siblings for stealing your Nikes.
Speckles make them top notch, I would defiantly add this little touch, it looks super awesome.

Anyways, i'll see you when I'm richer Nikes.

The Tourist 
Nike Roshe Run Trainers
Snake skin tick, Suede, Mesh and Speckled

Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Hair, Don't Care

If you hadn't realised already I recently dyed my hair in the last week. Before I did this I was like to everyone, "hey guys I'm gonna dye my hair black watchya think?", and everyone kinda ignored it and said... "Well your hairs already black". Well people, my hair is naturally dark brown and I just had beleyage, so no my hairs not black. Anyways I'm siked because it turned out really well and a lot different to my natural hair colour. For those who want to know I used L'oréal's Brasilia Darkest Brown. Hope you like it, coz you'll be seeing a lot more.

The Tourist  

Top/Isla Collective - Skirt/American Apparel

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sweaters are better

I've constantly and contently been bombarded all over the net with these thick, high neck sweaters. I Love. Im so ready for the cold weather so I can start purchasing and wearing these cosy things with JIANT JACKETS.
The Tourist 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

All about the Thick Fabric

I hadn't previously been shopping at Zara in Sydney, since they went on a massive rainbow splash out recently, so I never found myself loured in. However I now can't stay out of the store, and because they change their clothes around practically every day, new things keep popping up and I'm in desperate need of these items. I went to Zara the other day and found this really cute top, above. It's got this really fabulous thick fabric similar to the ones that the Qantas Hostess' use. (I love their uniform, and shout of to my boyfriends mum for working it... and probably being the only person who likes every single one of my posts).

So anyways I'll be posting outfits in this ASAP! Stay tuned.

The Tourist 

Zara/ Top - Iphone Case/Seed

Friday, March 21, 2014


I think I might just be getting too ahead of myself with the seasons. I wish I could just skip August and go right into Winter. I think its because I spend way too much time blogging and online shopping that I've been feeling guilty about spending the sunny days in door, so when winter comes around I'll be guilt freeeee.

However, in preparation for winter I've put together a little winter jacket inspo. Big Jackets are sooooo in, so get yours ASAP (not too soon thought).

The Tourist 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You Snug?

Breaking out into the jeans and jumpers now. Even though you might not think its getting colder, it is. I'm feeling it in this seasons trend. Big coats and snuggly materials are coming out and I'm all ready for it.
The Tourist  
T-shirt/Spare The Details - Jumper/Zara - Jeans/Bardot - Shoes/Nike

Dalmatian Invasion

Finally I found the perfect cut Iphone case for myself. Black, White and Furry. Now I just have to keep it clean :)

The Tourist 

Iphone cover/ Seed - Nail Polish/ L'oréal 490. Hypnotic Red

Monday, March 17, 2014

Japanese School Girl Inspo

Japanese School Girl Inspired.
The Tourist 

T-shirt/ Spare The Details - Skirt/Nude Judy - Socks/H&M - Black Singlet/H&M - Shoes/Windsor Smith - Necklace/Open Road The Label

Show Off Dem Legs

Show of dem Legs!
Lately I've seen cuts of skirt and shorts in design that are really showing off the best of legs. Here are photos of items I think do this best.

Its usually the big (mainly white) shoes that look too big for your feet, that make your legs look slimmer than they do. However Wang has captured the 'chic' look in his white pointy heel design. Then rising up when it comes to the skirts, make sure your choosing an asymmetrical skirt where some parts of your legs are hidden and then theres some kind of slit revealing your legs. This design in a way is a kind of illusion, which makes it look like your revealing more skin than you should be. With shorts, go big and floppy.

The Tourist