Monday, February 10, 2014

The Re-vamp

Welcome to my newly styled blog!
Growing up is a time for change and new experiences. I feel like I've left a chapter in my life and ready to move onto the next. The process of giving my blog a make-over has for me, confirmed this movement I'm in. 

 I'm so excited to explore new things and give my wardrobe and style, a personal update. Back to Basics it is, and then after perhaps add more colour.

Now I've deleted all my old tumblr photos and re-starting with inspiration re-blogs. So go ahead and follow. I haven't got much up yet, but just you wait and see.

Also I'm starting a food blog, yes FOOOOOD. I've been really healthy lately for some reason and feel amazing after a good workout and a healthy feed. Occasionally you'll find me indulging in a classic DoughBoy Margherita Pizza (as I am doing right now). I don't know how far I'll get into my food blog, but I'll at least try.

Above is my Wishlist of new items I would just love hanging in my wardrobe, along with a few things I already have.

Leather Jacket - She Inside
Sports Bra - Nike
Black Slides - Windsor Smith
Black Leather Bag - Baggu
White Dress - Isla Collective
Black Shorts - Nike
White Heels - Alexander Wang
Black Booties - Alexander Wang
Denim Overalls - Urban Outfitters
White Bikini - Zulu and Zephyr 
Black shoes - Nike satire
Watch - Michael Kors
Black t and white t - unkown
White heel - Windsor Smith Runt
Black purse - Baggu
White heels - Jeffrey Campbell's Scully
Shorts - Nike Pro

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  1. Love the list ! Especially the white heels !