Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Getting Intimate with Intimates

New arrivals come hand in hand with a fat smile stamped on your face and while your opening that parcel, theres no doubt butterflies are fluttering your stomach, is it the right size? what does it feel like? I'm sick of impulse buying that thing I'll never wear, so I've decided to re-invent my style with back to basics, and try to purchase online mainly to buy the best of whats out there. First of all I'm starting from underneath, throwing out all my old bras and underwear. Theres nothing better then new intimates. These I bought from Urban outfitters, and check out the florally underwear from Topshop. Now you all know where I buy knickers and bras. 

I've decided to go without underwire, since I like the more flat chested look better. I feel that its just more laid back, comfortable and freeee. 

Keep watching my blog as I hope to reveal more back to basic wear soon.

Love Nikki
P.S hope you like my new white coat hanger. x

Bralette's/Urban Outfitters

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  1. Cute pieces !