Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grey Days

Another lazy day in another lazy outfit. Its obviously really sunny today but I wrote this last week in the effort to post it up, but never happened. This time I'm actually going to update you on my life at the moment since I haven't really been writing much in my last few posts. Lately I've been contemplating the idea of uni and my gap year. I'm excited to say I am actually saving money (hooray!) and I am defiantly going to Europe. Before I leave I am going to buy a Canon Camera and take recordings of my trip, and hopefully show you all, however I am going in July so it will be a while. I'm not too sure where I'm going yet, but I know for sure I'll be in London and Greece. London because, for those who don't know me, I lived there for 2 years when I was 10 and have family and friends there. I've also been in really close contact with my closest english frand, Clemmie who has actually been staying with me for a while in Oz with two friends, Ella and JuJu, who are such amazing girls who have already made me very keen to go back and see them in London, as well as knowing I'll have places to stay and more friends to see! I'm extremely excited to go to Greece because I've never been and that beautiful architecture and crystal clear water really entices me. Before the Europe tour though, I'll be heading up north twice, to Byron and then Tweed Heads.

So uni, education, learning. Yeah, about that. After finishing a Film course last year I am surprised to say I want to start getting involved with Interior Design since I spent a lot of last year enjoying production design. I might be doing work experience with an Interior Design company in the next few months and know them well as they worked on my own house. I hope that talking to them will encourage me to take the right steps towards the legit uni courses next year. Also I'm doing my first renovation with my mum in a few more months. helping her with a manly apartment, so I'll be doing that as well this year. For now its work experience, work-savings, travelling and having a good time. (and more blog posts).

Love Nikki

Top/Mossman - Jacket/Mens H&M - Shoes/Top Shop - Skirt/Nude Lucy - Belt/TopShop


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  2. Beautiful outfit, you are looking very gorgeus! I love all your photos so much!


  3. Love the outfit, especially the boots !