Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Hunt Down

Getting the most out of your allowance. 
To avoid impulse buying.
Step 1: Do not leave the house for days
Step 2: Get yourself a laptop
Step 3: Keep looking at your account reminding yourself what your really saving up for
Step 4: Have 20 tabs up at a time on each safari window of all different stores
Step 5: When you think you like an item, add it to cart
Step 6: After you've gone through all categories on each site and done this, go through the carts in every store site you've opened and ask yourself, do I really need this? Then remove the less fortunate items.
Step7: Then when your down to two or one items in a few carts, subtract them even more.
Voila! The items left are the items that truly belong in your closet.

I don't usually buy online, but I thought instead of going out and buying anything I see, I would shop online. That way I was seeing a massive range of items, really figuring out what I really want/need, while saving for travelling. It's a long bedridden process, but can be fun, while you use your money to its best. When your package arrives, you might even receive a $30 food freebie voucher!!! 

Necklace/Open Road (Coming Soon) - Sports bra/Nike - Sports Shorts/Nike

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