Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tea Time

I finally found some nice flowy pants I can comfortably wear in cool conditions. Very often I get times when I feel a bit of a chill (lack of fat) and all I want to do is wear long pants, however jeans can just get too uncomfortable and make me look a bit frumpy also because of my lack of height, however this is just my personal opinion since I like dressing to my own figure. 

I wasn't too sure with the stars at first but now I just think they are really cute after putting the pants together with an outfit.

Thanks for the Christmas Present Amanda (16 year old twin sister)
Love Nikki

shoes/windsor smith - pants/glue - top/topshop - sunglasses/top shop - necklace/present - bag/unknown - rings left to right/unknown, inspired tribe, cobra snake

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