Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Interior Design: Bonjour a toute le monde

Bit of a throw back to 2011, but still worth sharing since I didn't have my blog way back then. These photos were taken on my trip to France with my best friend Toto, in our villa room. Strangely enough when we combined our clothes, our clothes colour palette were nearly the exact same. I guess that's what happens when you hang out too much with the other you.

The South of France and it's unique, simplistic and fragile furniture and interior design makes me want to seriously consider styling my bedroom exactly the same. So chic and classy. However, I can't get my Moroccan/Indian/Bohemian theme out of my head. 



  1. I love the pictures they look so high quality! I think it's great that you are sharing pics from 2011 =)
    Just followed your blog!

    Much love xxx

  2. The pictures are really nice !