Thursday, November 14, 2013

TOP 2: Food

Tops 2's is my funny and brilliant new way of say my top two favourite things at the moment, and in relation to food (since i'm not at all on a diet) that is exactly what I'm about to explain to you. 

So with these Top 2 delicacies if your going to make your own, make sure you chose the right ingredients for you . For example numero Uno: Smoothies.

Just blend a bunch of milk and yogurt as well as chia seeds with whatever fruits you like in a blender. Mine contained of frozen raspberries and honey. Trends these days usually poor them into jars  and pop a straw inside. However, my mum just bought the jam the other day and I didn't bother using the jar because I thought it would upset her if I just wasted it. But if your really keen head down to the food markets on saturday mornings in Bondi and you can buy them there with the straws included of course, for $14 each.

Number 2:
Get Iggy's sour dough bread, toast it and spread some butter on it, while you boil a hard boiled egg on your stove for 7 minutes. Spread avocado on top and slice the ready'd boiled egg (without the shell of course) over the top. Sprinkle alfalfa sprouts as well as salt and pepper just to give it that kick of flavour... and BOOM the best breakfast or brunch meal EVER! 

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