Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Shop

I'm back! Oopsie. I've been very busy at UNI making films and haven't had enough time to sit down and have a good blog. However, I'm really excited to show you all my short film HERMIT at the end of the year and hopefully I'll have a link up to show you all. For now here is my link to the Facebook page so your following up on everything so far:

Nonetheless, I have prepared a little post for you guys.

As soon as you can head down to The Shop, located in the backstreets of Bondi. It's a small boutique-like cafe with delicious breakfast and lunch meals that you must take a small group of friends or even a loved one to. There's never lines when I go and I always seem to get seats, so don't worry too much. Make sure you try something different every time you go because I guarantee any meal you chose from the menu will be mouth watering.

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