Saturday, August 17, 2013


Europe Part 1: London -
Europe Part 2: Oxford, The Wedding -
Europe Part 3: France -
Okay Okay Okay, It has finally arrived, after so much editing and music choices and uploading difficulties I have finally been able to upload it. So i'm not going to say anything more.
Just Enjoy! 


  1. Love the editing on the london video!
    I live close to london, it's a great atmosphere but I can't stand the london underground, so cramped haha.
    Amazing photography btw.

    See my blog? :)

    I'll follow you if you follow me (:

    1. Hey Anya!
      Thanks so much thats so lovely of you :) feel free to follow me on bloodspot, i'll be posting more films soon hopefully since i'm creating some at my film school. Your blog is awesome and I will defiantly have a follow :) Also I love the London underground, Sydney train station is so much worse!!! ahah :P

  2. Hi! :) I've checked out your blog a little, and I love it! I'd also like to be a film maker, i really like editing ( in a simple unprofessional way), but when it comes to shooting i never know which camera would suit best the occasion, that's why I wanted to know what camera did you use on the europe videos :) btw your audiovisual work is brilliant, when is hermit coming out? xx

  3. I used a Lumix 3 or 5. They are both pretty good. Well at my uni we had a film preview and our films were shown. However I think I just want to touch a few more things up. Stay tuned and follow my blogger facebook page. I will be posting it up there :)