Monday, August 19, 2013


Sneak peak of my new design for a T-shirt
Coming out soon. If your interested in purchasing one, comment below and we'll let you know the details ASAP. :) Hope you like my first T-shirt design. 
However the design will be higher on the shirt, when they are available :)

The reason for the creation of these shirts were because at the beginning of the year Mackenzie baker and I were broke and both really wanted the HOMIES shirt, so because we didn't have any jobs or
not enough mulla, we came
up with this idea of creating our own and named it Homelèss.

Designer and Creator: Nikki Chadwick
Graphic Designer: Tom Muir
Printed by: Mackenzie Baker

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Europe Part 1: London -
Europe Part 2: Oxford, The Wedding -
Europe Part 3: France -
Okay Okay Okay, It has finally arrived, after so much editing and music choices and uploading difficulties I have finally been able to upload it. So i'm not going to say anything more.
Just Enjoy! 


So what? I went to Pink. 
Pink isn't at all my number 1 favourite, but she is the most amazing performer I have ever seen and her concert brought back childhood memories. I mean can you sing really well upside down? I don't think so. I love her voice and how entertained she keeps everyone with her acrobatics, vocals, acoustic and her witty sense of humour. Hope you like the photos from her concert at her concert on the weekend.

Also excuse the girly screams :/

Friday, August 16, 2013

Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith is my new favourite shoe brand, not just stylish but soooo comfortable :) Please feel free to enjoy their loveliness.

These aren't completely new, probably 5 months old so excuse the worn out straps. 


Such a great night out at the Metro Theatre with Toto and Katie. MS MR was playing with a supporting DJ act, Kite String Tangle (Danny Harley), who had some really good sets to share! The vocalist Lizzy from MS MR, has such a cool dress on with  the sequins and you can't see, but she had fat chunky black shoes on which were awesome, she was also so entertaining and I loved her little dance moves :P 

MS MR was better than I expected because I surprisingly knew the majority of their songs. Of course the sound from my Iphone isn't very good so the audio didn't come out as well as I hoped. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Big Mama

Just go! It's amazing food and the presentation of the food and interior design for the actual bar restaurant is terrific, kind of boho-like style. It's in Bondi opposite Beach Road. I hopefully want to try it out during a night vibe. 

Food: Beef Tataki.
Harrison: Shirt and Jacket from Camden markets, London.


ALPINE at Beach Road hotel (24th July 13'). SOOO GOOOD :)
CLICK HERE to play Gasoline - Alpine

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Denim Poncho

After being really lazy I have finally taken photos of my clothes I recently bought in Europe. Feel free to have a geez :)

This is one of my favourite purchases! 

Clothes: Denim Poncho from Monki

Men's Farshion

Clothes: T-shirt from Tshirt Store, Stockholm