Monday, July 22, 2013

London: Continued...

Sorry but I'm just going to have to steel that car in the top image, its sooo great! 
Continuing in London, we went out for dinner to an english pub. There is something about going to an English pub, it's defiantly the smell of the beer  taps and friendly vibe you get. Although I have to say the best place for Chinese hands down is Ping Pong, it serves small dishes of dumplings, noodles, soup and all things nice and asian how I rike it. The small serves are perfect because I practically had everything on the menu. Later on we went shopping in Carnaby Street, one of my favourite little streets in London. 

Later in the week Harrison, my little sister Amanda and I went to Hamley's, the biggest toy store everrr and Amanda got a really thick chocolate milk shake. Later in the day we all went banana biking in Battersea Park, which was a favourite little past time of Amanda's and I when we used to live in London. Even though we woke up with bruises on our backs it was worth it because of the unexpected weather and fun time.

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