Monday, July 22, 2013

France: Villa and Valbonne

AAAAAAAAHHHHH SUN! After shopping almost everyday and shivering in England it was so nice to be in France with the 30 degrees heat and relaxing by the pool side. Everything was so calm and "chillaxed" as mum likes to say. It's so nice to be back and eat bread, cheese, salami and olives off a platter. This is always the case with my mum when we return to France. For some reason she doesn't do it back in Sydney but it makes it more special I guess when we are over there, kinda like tradition. 

Some of these photos are taken in Valbonne, the main town closest to where we used to live in France. Also the photos include pictures of my family friends the Spensley's including Gabs, my best frand in France! So lovely to see them all :)

So funny one day when we were driving up the hill back to our home there was a donkey on the side of the street. 

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