Monday, July 22, 2013

France: Valbonne markets, Nice, Theoule

These photos were taken over a few days where we visited the Valbonne Village markets, Nice and a beach called Theoule. Usually when we went shopping in France we always used to go to Cannes because of some construction that was going on in Nice when we were living there ten years ago. Since it had been completed we decided to go shopping there which I found so beautiful and pretty, it was similar in ways, but very different to Cannes, the shopping was also a lot better even though we didn't have enough time. 

A few days later my mum took us to Theoule where we had never been before, my friend Gabs told us about it and we all went for the afternoon before we left back home to Syd. It's defiantly my favourite beach now in the south of France other than Saint Tropez of course! ahaha 

It was literally like paradise and felt like we were on an island because it felt so secluded from the beaches around the side of the cliff faces.

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