Saturday, January 19, 2013

Japan: Hakuba Life

So during 2 weeks this January I went with my mum and little sister to Hakuba, Japan for a Skiing vacation. These are some lovely photos I took of the area and a bit of the culture. 

1. The view from my hotel room
2. In ma Stitch onesie
3. Boxes
4. Shoes we had to wear when we were on our tatami matt in our bedroom
5. Boxes
6. The shopping
7. Cocktail partners (Looks gooood)
8. & 9. Amanda eating these really strange sweet hard bread balls
10. A lantern hanging from the ceiling in a restaurant
11. Amanda drawing her name in the snow
12. Amanda and her large apples
13. Three snow men sitting on a window sill in a restaurant called The Hummingbird

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