Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tea Time

I finally found some nice flowy pants I can comfortably wear in cool conditions. Very often I get times when I feel a bit of a chill (lack of fat) and all I want to do is wear long pants, however jeans can just get too uncomfortable and make me look a bit frumpy also because of my lack of height, however this is just my personal opinion since I like dressing to my own figure. 

I wasn't too sure with the stars at first but now I just think they are really cute after putting the pants together with an outfit.

Thanks for the Christmas Present Amanda (16 year old twin sister)
Love Nikki

shoes/windsor smith - pants/glue - top/topshop - sunglasses/top shop - necklace/present - bag/unknown - rings left to right/unknown, inspired tribe, cobra snake

Friday, December 27, 2013

It all started with Eniko

Eniko Mihalik is a Hungarian Model who inspired me to get my rook pierced from the front cover of the Dec-Jan 2011 Russh Issue. The rook being, the thin part of the middle ear bridge. I loved her piercing and had only seen it on her, and she made it look really classy instead of takey like some people could easily and accidentally wear it. Hopefully right now your thinking that I'm pulling it off quite well. 

Yesterday was boxing day and like any other crazy bargain hunter, I joined in with the boxing day sales and ended up buying many little goodies that I will soon be posting up. For now here is the jewellery I bought besides the little elephant stud that I purchased in Arcachon, France. I also was so keen to buy a toe ring and since everything in Inspired Tribe was 25% off, this was the moment. I have also tossed up between gold and silver jewellery and I think its safe to say that I lean more towards silver most of the time. This ensemble of jewellery goes together quite nicely as a bohemian style, of which I don't think I'll ever get over. I am also inspired by my friend Toto who showed me this shop and previously bought the same little studs in blue and an animal as well. Just such a cute combination!

Thanks Toto,
Love Nikki

Saturday, December 21, 2013

She told me not to play with my food

Outfit of the day on a hot car wash kinda day.

Coming soon:
hat/unknown - shoes/converse - skirt/co-operative - top/Brandy and Melville - necklace/present - sunglasses/carousel bondi - lipstick/mac

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cranky Fins x2

For 19 years I've been going up to Palmy and what are the chances after a years renovation of the beach house and going up for 4 days, a Dolphin swims close to shore and my sister and her friend Ruby were able to pat it. Unfortunately and of course, when I jump in the water it swims away. What a kind creature. 

It was so lovely to take time to go up, relax, tan and hang out with friends. Apart from that I am so excited about the new Cranky Fins bar/restaurant, opening up. It has been opened up by the same people as The Bucket List in Bondi and am so keen to go during the summer, since its located 2 minutes away from my Palmy House.

Love Nikki

Hat/Nike - Make-up Bag/Urban Outfitters - Skirt/American Apparel - Sun Tan Oil/Reef - Chocker, Bracelet/Cobra Snake - Mascara, Brush, Lipstick/Mac - Bra/Urban Outfitters - Shoes/Converse - Bag/Tree of Life - Necklace/Present - Bikini/Top shop

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Place Beyond The Palm Tree

It's 2:00pm and I haven't eaten all day. I need a decent, fast and reasonably healthy meal. Actually never mind healthy, Olie's Burgers in Bondi it is. 

To be honest, I really try to make an effort with my clothes. I'm really lazy some days and will chuck on a singlet and shorts, but today I felt like I needed to make an effort today (FYI, I dress to my mood). After lying in bed all morning I really needed to do something, so I got dressed, had a bite to eat and took these photos in my new bone jeans. Hope you like.


Chocker & Bracelet/The Cobra Snake - Top/Subtitle - Jeans/Stussy - Shoes/Windsor Smith - Bag/Peace by Piece

Saturday, December 7, 2013

AFTRS Graduation

I finished school last year and have already graduated from the Australian Film Television and Radio School. This is starting to get really serious? What am I to do now? Well my plans for next year is to work, travel, blog and then in the next year I'm planning to go back to AFTRS potentially. I'm so glad I got into AFTRS, I've met some really awesome people including teachers and can't wait to go for a Messina run with ma girls. 

Thank you for those who have supported me throughout my year at AFTRS. Also my short film HERMIT, comes out today at 3:40pm in the main theatre at AFTRS, so if your around make sure you drop by.


Jumpsuit/TopShop - Shoes/Therapy

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Basic Blacks

When it comes to shoes, I always go with black. It's rare for me to buy other coloured shoes, however the converse were an exception because of their height and my need of casual shoes. 

Black shoes match everything and I get more wear out of them than if I was to chose blue or red shoes, which would limit my wearing options.

As Instagram becomes a daily routine, I have scrolled past some really gorgeous shoes over the past few weeks, which I hope to have in my closet ASAP. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Interior Design: Bonjour a toute le monde

Bit of a throw back to 2011, but still worth sharing since I didn't have my blog way back then. These photos were taken on my trip to France with my best friend Toto, in our villa room. Strangely enough when we combined our clothes, our clothes colour palette were nearly the exact same. I guess that's what happens when you hang out too much with the other you.

The South of France and it's unique, simplistic and fragile furniture and interior design makes me want to seriously consider styling my bedroom exactly the same. So chic and classy. However, I can't get my Moroccan/Indian/Bohemian theme out of my head. 


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Converse Platform

Just strut'n around with ma new converse. Thought i'd share the outfit I finally found to go with the shoes. I had all these vision of outfits in my head that would go with the shoes, and man was my bedroom littered in clothes. I'll keep you posted when I find other outfits that go!

Shoes/ Converse Platforms - Jumper/H&M - Bag/From Italy

Birthday goods

Ever wondered what it would be like to stick your head into a Messina cake? Neither. But man did i want to!

Here are the rest of my birthday photos from my birthday dinner/desert. There is seriously no other ice-cream/gelato you should be spending your money or time with other than Messina. Best way to end the night after a delicious meal at Bondi Hardware in Bondi.

Thank you everyone.


Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy 1 Year Tourist

It's time. I've thought long and hard about this moment. Ooo what will people think of me? What if I spell something wrong, and people laugh at me? What if a stranger puts all my photos and information together and works out where I live and then hunts me down? Well I don't care anymore! Hello world! This is me! This is my blog! This is my facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/thetouristnc

Yes. I have created a Facebook page (after 4 years from being on blogspot), where I can easily share my blog posts around to those who are intrigued about my life, which includes sitting behind a computer screen blogging all about myself!!! (boasting, I think not..). I decided to create a Facebook page because I realised I'm not really getting my blog out there, I realised there is maybe only 3 people I know who actually have blogger, and so these are the only people who can actually follow me. Since everyone has Facebook (Da'doi!), I can share my experiences, likes and dislikes with EVERYBODDYY!

I am planning to be a more regular blogger from now on since I have finished my course at AFTRS, and have nothing to do at all. I'm hoping to get out and take more photos though because I haven't in a while. Hopefully I might even make some small videos! 

Love Nikki!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to me

It is my 19th birthday and I wanted to share my one and only birthday gift I had in mind and had received from my lovely mama! The casual, usual white converse.. but with platforms for my petiteness. Hope you like the revealing images. 

Also here is my brecky I made myself since mum went up to palm beach. Remember plaster master? Yup made that cute little plate underneath. Also did you know 90% of people draw suns in the corner of pages in their lifetime. I defiantly did. 

Sage & Akari

I came across this website and holy moly, right in my budget range and I love the style of clothing this website is selling. I love Sage and Akari's simple look that compliments the shape of the body really well! Looking forwards to purchasing these bad boys ASAP.

Friday, November 22, 2013


At long last, I have found sunglasses that shape my face well. After giving up a sunglasses search years ago, Carousel was selling these really cute reflector sunglasses down in Bondi the other day. I know these unique sunnies are going to sit well in Summer, so I'm already thrilled about hitting up the beach.

District 8

So I've hit struggle street. 
Yup! This is where you just can't decide what to write down on your christmas list. Well I also have my birthday coming up as well so its double trouble for me and have been trying to find things I want to pop on my lists for ages. However, I came across this website called DISTRICT8, where you can log in through your Facebook and then start exploring an enormous range of clothing brands and their items all through one website. It then links you to their website and you can order stuff. The clothes range from everywhere all over the world, and you can even find shops that are local to you. It's like I've just discovered the World Wide Wardrobe! This is awesome. Please have a look there are so many things to browse. Here's a jacket I really fell in love with. 

Photo - Lazy Oaf Fur Coat

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sculpture by the Sea

This is one of my favourite Sydney events of the year where artists enter their work into an exhibition located around the Bondi to Bronte walk. Every year the artworks get bigger and better and more artists were showing their work off this year. Make sure next year when its on that you go during the week on a sunny day. That way you avoid the big crowds that I had unfortunately forgotten about.

Here are photos from when I went this year.