Monday, December 31, 2012


So your probably wondering what in the world UNIT means. It's pretty much the name of the group that I'm in with my three best friends. It's pretty lame, but works well. This post is a shout out to them (Lea, Miki and Shannon). This photo sums up the last time we will all be together in about a year since Shannon has gone off to Noosa for 2 months, and during that time Miki is going to Israel for a year and then Lea leaves early next year to go back to her home town New Caledonia. After she's going to London to study hopefully, because it sounds like a Ball! And me, well I got into my Film course at AFTRS so i'm staying in Sydney, but going to Japan and Hong Kong in Jan and travelling throughout my semester brakes. 

This night was one of the best and saddest nights ever. But since we are all spontaneous and love travelling, we are hoping for a trip all together at the end of the year, which would be soooo extremely exciting... I just need a job first :/

So I'll leave you at that, and I am going to miss you three girls. 

UNIT for life. 

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