Friday, November 23, 2012




I don't know if it's obvious or not to you, but I went to a formal. It actually wasn't mine though. I was invited by my lovely friend Jake and had an amazing night! Such good food and music! The night was even better because a lot of my close friends from other schools were there, which meant I was able to get ready with Shannon, my bestieeee. 

My friend Mace did a hairdressing course at TAFE, so she helped do my hair, and she did an absolutely amazing job! 

Clothes: Surprisingly my dress was from Mink Pink, I was actually going to wear something else but did a last minute change. But this new purchase is beachy like, so I am taking it to Byron Bay on the weekend! I didn't have a clutch so I just took my wallet which I bought from the Eumundi Markets in Queensland, with which I could fit my phone in. My shoes I bought in a random shop in Italy.

I have to say one of the reasons for this blog was so that people could be inspired I guess and knowing where I buy my clothes, or just see whats happening in my life, but it's a bit difficult when my clothes come from the most random places that are located half way around the world, or are just one of a kind items, so sorry ahah.

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