Friday, November 9, 2012

Bohemian Like You

So at the beginning of the year I moved into my new house, but before that could happen I was desperate to buy things to decorate my room. I am really obsessed with bohemian, mexican/ moroccan themed rooms because someone told me once that your room should be a place of relaxation and calmness, which meant that I shouldn't be studying in my room otherwise I would create a stressed environment. So anyways, I wanted to decorate my room in this style because there's something about it that creates this chilled vibe. Anyways these are a few pictures I took when I went shopping for carpets and ate lunch at Miss Chu in Bondi with my mum.

Me: Shorts from Top shop, Necklace from Carousel, Shirt from American Apparel, Jacket from (unknown)
Gosh my hairrrr was so long then. I miss it a bit! 

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