Sunday, November 11, 2012

A room for me



So after deciding what to put in my new bedroom, it all came down to this. 

1. Feature bed spread from Ganapati
2. Black and White Pillow cases and orange fabric from Ganapati. I had the orange fabric made into pillows
3. Bed side tables (unknown)
4. I bought the incense from China Town and the Buddha candle holder behind them from Tree of Life
5. Skull my friend Jordan gave to me 
6 & 7. Moustache hanger from Typo
8. I had this board made to the size of the wall and just stuck up photos on it
9. I created a DIY photo hanger holder where I wrapped string around two pins that were each stuck in opposite ends of my head bed and pegged my photos onto the string using clothes line pegs 
10. This is just the overall picture of my room from my balcony
11. Elephant from Ganapati, that I usually use just to hang my hats on, even though it should really be for decoration purposes

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