Friday, November 23, 2012


Snaps from Sara's 18th at Centre Point Tower
Clothes: Jumpsuit from Dangerfield, Necklace from By Kim

Surprise Nikki

MY SHOES FINALLY ARRIVED. I was going to spend all day in bed, and then the door bell rang and boom, I was up when my mum yelled I had a parcel waiting down stairs! How awesome are they! Urge Edge even gave me a free bag. The really sad thing about this all is that I was actually the one who bought them, and since I didn't get any post HSC presents from the family I bought one for myself, and yes I also wrote the card to myself. Yes I am too cool, buying an HSC present and sending it to myself. 

Well just look and admire these beauty's! 

Shoes are Jeffery Campbell's from Edge Urge.  




I don't know if it's obvious or not to you, but I went to a formal. It actually wasn't mine though. I was invited by my lovely friend Jake and had an amazing night! Such good food and music! The night was even better because a lot of my close friends from other schools were there, which meant I was able to get ready with Shannon, my bestieeee. 

My friend Mace did a hairdressing course at TAFE, so she helped do my hair, and she did an absolutely amazing job! 

Clothes: Surprisingly my dress was from Mink Pink, I was actually going to wear something else but did a last minute change. But this new purchase is beachy like, so I am taking it to Byron Bay on the weekend! I didn't have a clutch so I just took my wallet which I bought from the Eumundi Markets in Queensland, with which I could fit my phone in. My shoes I bought in a random shop in Italy.

I have to say one of the reasons for this blog was so that people could be inspired I guess and knowing where I buy my clothes, or just see whats happening in my life, but it's a bit difficult when my clothes come from the most random places that are located half way around the world, or are just one of a kind items, so sorry ahah.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lazy Sundays


Today has been very chilled and my bucket list for this summer contained learning the guitar, and so far I have mastered a few chords and learnt Hero by Enrique Iglesias as well as Naive by The Kooks who are my favourite band!!! Anyways after I got a blister on my thumb from strumming too violently, which probably means I am doing something incredibly wrong, I started listening to my new playlist. For people who don't know me, every time I get bored of songs I make a new playlist and I am currently on my 21st playlist. It includes:

Yes I never thought Taylor Swift would pop up in my playlist. Also I don't know why but all of a sudden there are some really good tunes on the radio at the moment! 

1. My newww hat from General pants men section (to be honest I can't help but go to the mens sections now in stores)
2. I was cleaning my room and found my CD's from around the 90's. It's on my Bucket list to upload these songs onto my itunes and add them into my Oldies playlist which my friend Mikayla and I have been adding old music to for the last year! I hope to share the songs with my readers, because they are absolutely gooood, especially if you grew up with the songs!
3. My Yamaha Radio is something that I could probably not live with out for some reason, it's just the best! I can plug my ipod into it, or listen to the radio with it.  It's an necessity for me because I turn it on in the morning and listen to the tunes the radio plays, and the BASS is amazing from such little speakers. 
4. Okay so this is pretty much my guitar, which is probably way too small for me, but I used to play guitar when I was 11 so I've kept it since then, plus my little sister used to play too. 

Sorry for Party Rocking

It was my friend Izzy's 18th on Friday night and we all had a crazy time dancing and catching up with friends I hadn't seen since HSC had taken over my life! Anyways, again my friend Ally Kazacos (One Hungry Photographer) whipped out her camera and shot these great photos and even used her fish eye.  

Of those who want to know where I got my clothes: Necklace from Sportsgirl, Skirt from (Unknown) although I know I bought it on Oxford Street Sydney, Top from (Unknown), Green nail polish from American Apparel, Lipstick from Mac

Friday, November 16, 2012

Chilled Outings



So this pretty much sums up my days after finishing school, shopping, eating a lot of chocolate, jamming and my favourite of being able to wear whatever I like! 

1. Toto
2. Toto and Abbey jamming to Blackbird by the Beatles. I was saying how it really reminds me of the opening in a film of a suburban neighbourhood. Now I can't get it out of my head.
3. Toto shopping till she drops, literally carrying half the store on her head. How clever is that?
4. My sister Amanda (who hardly ever wears pink, so this was defiantly a photo opportunity!)
5. The best chocolate in the world at the moment, Cadbury's Marvellous Creation. It has like jelly snakes and little coloured chocolate balls as well as popping candy inside!!! 
6. Going shopping with friends: Leggings from Top Shop, My old school's beanie, Denim jacket (unknown), Shoes from Wanted, T-shirt from Hong Kong

Monday, November 12, 2012

One Hungry Photographer

My gorgeous friend Ally Kazacos (One Hungry Photographer) kindly allowed me to use her photos from an 18th we went to on the weekend at The Vault, onto my blog. Here are some snapshots from the night. How great do these photo's look with her amazing photography, editing and even that new logo?!

Me: Shirt from Mossman, Shorts from Mossman, Nail Polish from H&M